Miss Mundo Takes a Bow


My client runs a dance school in the seaside town of Denia in Spain.  Wanting to set up an online shop selling dance equipment and clothing, she employed me to create a new identity for the ecommerce store. ‘Mundo de Danza’. Miss Mundo was born – energetic and graceful The client wanted something elegant and ‘swirly’ with a strong personality, employing colours in... Read More

New Goude Website

After many hours tinkering I’m pleased to announce the arrival of my new website. Built around a WordPress blog,  this new site will allow me to be quicker posting info about projects I’m working on and generally keep more up to date and linked in. I like the fact that now, if I have an idea, some new work to talk about or just the odd musing or tweet – I can... Read More

‘Stand’ to attention!


Maxibon is a market leading ice cream brand for Nestlé in Spain. Oriented towards the youth market, Maxibon is fun and urban – the big bite! I was commissioned to provide design solutions for their ‘call to purchase’ stands. The criteria was to produce robust display units that could withstand years of use in the open air, be easy to stack, store and maitain,... Read More

Chatsworth Inspired Costa Blanca!


The construction industry in Spain has been hit harder than most during the latest recession, but even through this difficult time construction company Z-Sanchez have pre- sold almost all of their latest development of 40 properties currently being built at Solana Hills on the Costa Blanca near Valencia.  With spectacular view from the hills to the coast, the vernacular is influenced... Read More