Modena ‘Transformer’ Faucet


Stålson Modena prototype faucet – under development. The Italian town of Modena is known as the “capital of engines”, since the factories of Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati are all here. Made from 100% stainless steel, the Modena faucet is a thoroughly modernist creation – its acute angles, flat planes and fast lines reflect the light dynamic ways, evoking... Read More

100% Design Show Stalson Launch


In September 2011 we launched the Stålson brand at the 100% Design Show, Earl’s Court London – the UK’s leading contemporary design event.  The show was a great success for the brand and was an opportunity to gain valuable feedback from interior designers, architects, property and hotel developers and national and local retailers at a prestigious and well respected... Read More

Made in Rwanda?


I’ve always disliked waste. When I was a boy I imagined one day having a company that went around scraping all the left-over ketchup, mayonnaise and toothpaste out of bottles and tubes, to recycle back into food for sale.  About a year ago this thought popped into my head again, whilst I was trying to squeeze out the last dregs of tomato ketchup. I worked out that on average,... Read More

Ecobutton on the Gadget Show!


Ecobutton was featured on an ‘energy reducing episode’ of Channel 5′s The Gadget Show. See ‘more’ to load film below. All photos and video in this article are the property of The Gadget Show, Channel 5 UK  Read More

New Goude Website

After many hours tinkering I’m pleased to announce the arrival of my new website. Built around a WordPress blog,  this new site will allow me to be quicker posting info about projects I’m working on and generally keep more up to date and linked in. I like the fact that now, if I have an idea, some new work to talk about or just the odd musing or tweet – I can... Read More

Language – no barrier to good communication!


When we launched the Ecobutton website in April 2008, it had two country options to choose from – one for the UK and the other for the US. You clicked on your country flag so you could download the Ecobutton software most suited to your location.  Since then we’ve added Australia and Canada and a host of different language locations including France, Spain,... Read More

Design & Music (Inspired by Macca)

Sir Paul MaCartney (commons licence)

Listening to Radcliffe & Maconie (the Radcliffe & Maconie Show – BBC Radio 2) the other night discussing the work of Lennon vs MaCartney, they noted that MaCartney’s melodies tended to be more expansive and “go to more places within the song”. They played “In My Life”, an all time classic once voted by a panel of music industry gods as... Read More