SuperFish™ Ready to Leap

The business of fish can be slippery and confusing. For the consumer, it is difficult to know how fresh the seafood they buy really is, and where it has come from. With a decrease in good fishmongers in the marketplace, and an increase in consumer awareness of overfishing, transport miles and CO2 reduction; there is a growing need for an ethical, sustainably sourced, super fresh fish retailer.

Hampshire based SuperFish™  will focus on providing complete traceability in the produce it sells by working with the best suppliers, who use computer tracing technology to identify each species, the harbour it was landed and even which boat it came from. Consumers will then be able to make fully informed purchasing decisions.

The fact is, it’s currently almost impossible to know for sure where the seafood you eat has come from. If you live in Hampshire, why eat fish from Grimsby when there are equally good local harbours on the south coast?

The brief was to create an identity that was spankingly fresh, and which also spoke of responsibility towards sustainability, animal welfare and carbon reduction. Packaging for example, will be kept to a minimum (it is still common in the industry for suppliers to use polystyrene boxes which is about the worst material you could use for biodegradability) and only degradable cardboard will be used for the delivery boxes. The idea that super fresh fish could also be seen as a gift also helped to shape the design.

The imagery used takes its references from the ‘localness’ of the produce as well as making cultural references to the south coast harbours where most of the fish is landed. The colours inspired by the fishing vessels and marine paraphernalia,  and the painted plaster of Brixham harbour town houses inject further variety to the brand tapestry.

Being an internet based business, every opportunity to advertise the SuperFish™ website must be taken. The delivery van livery for example, forms a large part of the brand’s face in the public realm (much like Ocado or Tesco delivery vans do) so a simple large format website address supported by the mark keeps the brand communication clean and to the point.  Much the same approach was applied to the clothing.

SuperFish™ will be launching in Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey mid 2010. Watch this space!

The Mark can vary like markings on fish

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