The only way is upside down!

You know the problem – you’re trying to get the last dregs of shampoo from the bottle so you prop it up in the corner of the shower – annoyingly, it keeps falling over. Or you want those last drops of ketchup before you throw the bottle in the bin. Hedstand ™ is a new product and brand by goude, designed to get all your last bits of sauce, shampoo, creams, oils and anything else that come in bottles or tubes. Made from a simple one piece mold, the coloured acrylic Hedstand™ will be sold in both kitchen and bathroom retail outlets, in packaging tailored for each market.  The various angles, diameters and depths of the holding tubes in the stand have been carefully designed so they can accomodate a wide variety of bottle sizes and weights, neck lengths and girths.

The Hedstand™ thought process of turning ideas on their heads will soon also be applied to other products that require re-thinking and improving. For example – in the old days, cling film rolls came with a sharp metal serrated edge that cut the film with ease.  These days, health and safety requirements mean that the cutting edge is made of plastic which, whilst ensuring the cling film companies don’t get sued, also results in an arm-wrestle with the cling film each time you tear off a sheet.

The Hedstand™ approach will be to create a dispenser that cuts the film like a hot knife through butter whilst making sure that the cutting edge is not accessible to fingers. Of course it will be aesthetic too – good enough to put on show on any designer kitchen worktop.  Watch this space…

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