Goude Portfolio Updated

It’s taken a while but I’ve finally managed to reformat my portfolio into something I’m reasonably happy with.  I think it’s particularly difficult when you’re presenting your own work as opposed to something for a client. I suppose this is partly due to the fact that with your portfolio, you’re going over old ground, whereas working for a client – you’re generally working on something new. It’s far quicker and more stimulating forging ahead with new ideas.

Having said this, at least I now have a portfolio format that I can update quickly and easily. My old flash based back-catalogue was a real pain to maintain.

“Reviewing my work has also given me chance to take stock and think a little about future design direction”

I’m currently working on some new designs for steel and copper products – products for the homes and gardens market – a new challenge for me which combines the functionality of everyday objects with sculptural forms and decorative motifs. Looking back over the past 10 years at the type of projects I’ve worked on, reminds me of the design lessons I’ve learned, which gives me some confidence. On the other hand, as I move into new areas of design in which I have little experience – reviewing my portfolio has also highlighted the gaps, which keeps me on my toes and focuses my attention on areas in which I need to improve my knowledge.

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