Stalson faucets

I was commissioned by Fordingham Ltd – a Hong Kong based luxury brand production company – to provide a market assessment and feasibility for the launch of a new range of stainless steel taps. A key niche was identified within the very crowded bathroom and kitchen marketplace, a need for a better design led approach that would also espouse the benefits of the more costly stainless steel – whilst maintaining affordable price points. Unlike traditional chrome plated brass, stainless steel does not fade or scratch with age and is made 100% recyclable. On average, 40-60% of the world’s existing stainless steel stocks come from recycled material.

Following the study I was asked to devise and develop and new brand, that would stand for all the environmental benefits as well as contemporary, personality driven design. Coming up with a strong new brand name and new word would help to support our wish to do things differently and also provide greater flexibility in terms of .com domain name registrations and intellectual property issue.   Stålson was conceived, which translates as ‘son of steel’ in Swedish – the Nordic purist approach to design reflects our  design philosophy. My task was then to develop the brand’s graphical and communications styling.

I  spent the next year designing the range in the build up to our launch at the 100% Design Show – Earl’s Court, London. Prior to the show, I put together the Stålson catalogue and designed the exhibition stand. The concept for the exhibition was to create a simple space that would allow visitors easy circulation and a clear view of the faucets which were exhibited on eye level podiums like individual sculptures in a gallery. As a luxurious finishing touch, each podium was capped with marble, granite and semi-precious stone which was provided by Chiltern Marble.

The launch was a great success, with many premium publications within the industry running editorials on Stålson products. The leading idfx magazine for interior design professionals noted that Stålson were ‘the stand to be seen’ whilst Homes & Interiors magazine ran an editorial feature on the little malmö faucet which was the little star of the show!

See for the full range.

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