Urban & Country Leisure

Urban & Country Leisure (UCL) are a pub & restaurant business operating an expanding portfolio of individually branded establishments.  Although each pub has a strong individual identity, the parent company UCL, lacked clear brand definition which could effectively communicate its passions, its aspirations and personality. Following a structural review of the organisation, supported by interviews with staff members at all levels, suppliers, industry journalists etc. – to build  a picture of the business’s people, its dreams, its structure – a brief was distilled that would inform the brand review and its visual and communications strategy.

A series of visual and verbal identity studies followed that included: photographic style, tone of voice and typographic concepts which was presented to the board. The studies helped to visualise and verbalise the aspirations, business style and philosophies of the  company founders and leaders and helped to energise the board, acting as a steer for more effective and focused internal and external communications.

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