Signal Pod

Allegro Electronics Ltd. are a Hong Kong based manufacturing company. In 2011 they developed a wireless bicycle signalling and safety system that would clip easily onto the rear of a bike, with the left/right and hazard warning light controls mounted on the handlebars. I worked with Allegro to initially to carry out a market assessment, looking into market positioning, price, competitive products, retail and wholesale opportunities; and following this, devised a new product and brand name for the system that was suited for the market it was being sold into. Following the market assessment, I developed a logotype for the ‘Signal Pod’ name and designed the packaging in which the product was launched. The packaging consists of a recyclable PVC transparent outer carton with the graphics printed on card inserts which are folded and positioned inside the transparent outer carton – giving the appearance of a clean, glossy box with the graphics displayed through an all enveloping window. An inner moulded tray supports the various Signal Pod product components, suspending them in space so that the contents can be viewed from all 4 sides and seen clearly through the clear outer carton.

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