Druide Vodka

The Druide Mystical Vodka brand was developed by Soulman Insightful Thinking, a Madrid based agency specialising in branding which was appointed by González Byass to create a brand for ultra-premium Vodka; a growing segment currently led by the French brand Grey Goose. The graphics design elements and production control were handled extensively by Kleijn in Barcelona – who employed me to provide a detailed design study and assessment of the closure engineering. The output: a... Read More

Urban & Country Leisure

Urban & Country Leisure (UCL) are a pub & restaurant business operating an expanding portfolio of individually branded establishments.  Although each pub has a strong individual identity, the parent company UCL, lacked clear brand definition which could effectively communicate its passions, its aspirations and personality. Following a structural review of the organisation, supported by interviews with staff members at all levels, suppliers, industry journalists etc. –... Read More

Language – no barrier to good communication!

When we launched the Ecobutton website www.eco-button.com in April 2008, it had two country options to choose from – one for the UK and the other for the US. You clicked on your country flag so you could download the Ecobutton software most suited to your location.  Since then we’ve added Australia and Canada and a host of different language locations including France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Holland. We’re currently working on a Portuguese version and also one in Russian! The... Read More