Goude Portfolio Updated

It’s taken a while but I’ve finally managed to reformat my portfolio into something I’m reasonably happy with.  I think it’s particularly difficult when you’re presenting your own work as opposed to something for a client. I suppose this is partly due to the fact that with your portfolio, you’re going over old ground, whereas working for a client – you’re generally working on something new. It’s far quicker and more stimulating forging ahead with new ideas. Having... Read More

New Goude Website

After many hours tinkering I’m pleased to announce the arrival of my new website. Built around a WordPress blog,  this new site will allow me to be quicker posting info about projects I’m working on and generally keep more up to date and linked in. I like the fact that now, if I have an idea, some new work to talk about or just the odd musing or tweet – I can log in here and type it up. I wish I’d done this ages ago. Anyway, hope you like it and please... Read More