Stalson faucets

I was commissioned by Fordingham Ltd – a Hong Kong based luxury brand production company – to provide a market assessment and feasibility for the launch of a new range of stainless steel taps. A key niche was identified within the very crowded bathroom and kitchen marketplace, a need for a better design led approach that would also espouse the benefits of the more costly stainless steel – whilst maintaining affordable price points. Unlike traditional chrome... Read More

Made in Rwanda?

I’ve always disliked waste. When I was a boy I imagined one day having a company that went around scraping all the left-over ketchup, mayonnaise and toothpaste out of bottles and tubes, to recycle back into food for sale.  About a year ago this thought popped into my head again, whilst I was trying to squeeze out the last dregs of tomato ketchup. I worked out that on average, up to 50grams of sauce gets left in the bottle and is thrown away. I read somewhere that 97% of UK... Read More

‘Stand’ to attention!

Maxibon is a market leading ice cream brand for Nestlé in Spain. Oriented towards the youth market, Maxibon is fun and urban – the big bite! I was commissioned to provide design solutions for their ‘call to purchase’ stands. The criteria was to produce robust display units that could withstand years of use in the open air, be easy to stack, store and maitain, be lightweight and economical to produce in large numbers. Nestlé were keen to maintain their ‘Pakito’... Read More

The only way is upside down!

You know the problem – you’re trying to get the last dregs of shampoo from the bottle so you prop it up in the corner of the shower – annoyingly, it keeps falling over. Or you want those last drops of ketchup before you throw the bottle in the bin. Hedstand ™ is a new product and brand by goude, designed to get all your last bits of sauce, shampoo, creams, oils and anything else that come in bottles or tubes. Made from a simple one piece mold, the coloured acrylic... Read More