SuperFish™ Ready to Leap

The business of fish can be slippery and confusing. For the consumer, it is difficult to know how fresh the seafood they buy really is, and where it has come from. With a decrease in good fishmongers in the marketplace, and an increase in consumer awareness of overfishing, transport miles and CO2 reduction; there is a growing need for an ethical, sustainably sourced, super fresh fish retailer. Hampshire based SuperFish™  will focus on providing complete traceability in the... Read More

Anyone for tennis websites?

Odiham Tennis Club in Hampshire ( is a growing community of regular tennis players of all age groups and abilities. The club, which was reopened by Tim Henman after extensive renovation in 2008, has almost 200 members and with possible expansion of the club to include an extra court, the managing committee decided an upgrade of their existing web site was required – to help them communicate more effectively with existing members and promote the... Read More

Language – no barrier to good communication!

When we launched the Ecobutton website in April 2008, it had two country options to choose from – one for the UK and the other for the US. You clicked on your country flag so you could download the Ecobutton software most suited to your location.  Since then we’ve added Australia and Canada and a host of different language locations including France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Holland. We’re currently working on a Portuguese version and also one in Russian! The... Read More

Removing Underlines in Image Links

This is a note-to-self on how to remove image links underlines in the Drupal, Marinelli theme.  This may also work for other Drupal themes although I’ve not tested it. If this has been useful to you, please leave a comment and let me know. Thanks. Edit the following line in the ‘links.css’ file (in the themes folder) /*hover state (links in content, block, and front page titles)*/ #primary .node .content a:hover,  CHANGE ‘HOVER’ TO ‘NONE’ .defaultblock... Read More

Enabling Clean URLs

Note-to-self:  One way to try and enable clean URLs in Drupal (if your server won’t do it)  is to edit the drupal.conf, httpd.conf and .htaccess files Edit the following \conf\drupal.conf and change AllowOverride None to AllowOverride All Edit C:\Bitnami Drupal Stack\apache2\conf\httpd.conf and change #LoadModule rewrite_module modules/ to LoadModule rewrite_module modules/ Edit C:\Bitnami Drupal Stack\apps\drupal\htdocs\.htaccess and change #RewriteBase... Read More